Our Impact in the Community

What started as an outreach vehicle for the church (a way to get the church out the door and into the community) has become a nonprofit enterprise in itself involving volunteers from many walks of life and experience. Our nonprofit, CompassioNet Impact, is a registered nonprofit in Canada, USA, and soon in Mexico.

Our mission is to form strategic partnerships that provide opportunities for people in chronic poverty to transform their lives. Our strategy is to educate, start or stimulate small businesses, create jobs, and strengthen communities among the poor. Our method is to provide volunteers, network with partner organizations, and build "Community Development Centers." Our motivation stems from the Christian worldview that God is concerned for the whole person: physical, emotional and spiritual. Our core values are commitment to the poor, respect, integrity, community, and stewardship of resources-both human and material.

CompassioNet Impact's current initiates include:

For further information on the Church or CompassioNet Impact, please feel free to contact Pastor Ric:
USA: 970.372.1370
In Mexico (cell): 322.133.7263